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Exclusive: Fox Nixes ‘The Cube’

After two months of development, the network decides not to move forward with its revamp of the British game show hit

Fox has pulled the plug on "The Cube."

In October, the network said it was developing a U.S. version of the hit British game show, in which contestants compete simple tasks inside a specially-designed stress chamber. The series, from All 3-owned Objective Media, aired after "The X-Factor" on ITV and produced big ratings.

But now a Fox spokesperson has confirmed to TheWrap that "The Cube" is no longer in the works, declining to give further details.

It could be that Fox simply has run out of shelf space for the project. It’s got its big Mark Burnett-produced kiddie genius show set to launch next month. And there continue to be rumors about a U.S. take on "X-Factor" as early as next fall.

It’s also not unusual for networks to begin developing projects and then decide the concept isn’t as strong as they expected.

In any case, Fox’s move leaves the field clear for NBC’s "Perfect 10," a somewhat similar game show that just landed Guy Fieri as host.

Website BuzzerBlog first reported the, well, buzz that "The Cube" could be KO’d late last month.