EXCLUSIVE: ‘Glee’ Creator Promises More Musical Numbers

Ryan Murphy says remainder of show’s season-one episodes will turn up the volume on singing segments

"Glee" creator Ryan Murphy told TheWrap that when it returns from its hiatus on April 13, the show will have even more musical numbers per episode.

"We’ve been averaging five or six songs" per episode in the first 15, he said Thursday before the Hollywood Radio and Television Society’s Hitmakers lunch.

"In the back nine we do an average of eight to 10" songs, he added.

"The back nine is about the regionals competition," he continued.

Murphy is convinced that the show’s unusual rollout helped its launch. Fox aired the pilot following the "American Idol" finale last spring, and then waited four months before launching the series with the rest of its fall shows. Now it’s on another four-month break.

Murphy said that plan was Fox’s idea, although he was consulting on it, and "it definitely paid off. I think it worked because the show is about thinking outside the box, and doing things that are unusual. They picked it up because they didn’t want just another network show. They wanted to do something unusual and strange. And so that philosophy has gone into the marketing of it."