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Exclusive: Jimmy Kimmel Set to Spoof Leno

Plus, Chevy Chase will play Conan in tonight’s tribute to NBC’s late-night drama. And Howie Mandel drops by Conan

This could be awesome: Jimmy Kimmel will play Jay Leno on tonight’s episode of his ABC talk show. And Chevy Chase will have a cameo as Conan.

It’s understood Kimmel will begin his bit in full Jay mode (chin included), with producers making his show open mimic that of Leno’s. Kimmel has mocked Leno before, playing the comic in E!’s coverage of the Michael Jackson trial.

Meanwhile, insiders said tonight’s "Tonight Show" has just taped a bit in which Howie Mandel makes a cameo — along with the "Deal or No Deal" ladies. 

You can imagine what "deal" Conan is spoofing. One caveat: Late-night shows sometimes cut bits post-taping, so it’s possible viewers may never see Howie.

But we’re betting they will.

UPDATE: Watch Kimmel’s Leno spoof here.

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