Exclusive: ‘Saw V’ Director Gears Up for ‘The Red Machine’

David Hackl will direct Jack Reher’s spec script about two brothers who are attacked by an unrelenting bear


David Hackl ("Saw V") is attached to direct Jack Reher's spec script "The Red Machine," the filmmaker's representation at APA has confirmed to TheWrap.

The story follows two estranged brothers who go on a camping trip and are continuously attacked by an erratic bear that has lost its fear of humans.

It's about time audiences were treated to another bad-ass bear movie, as it's been too long since 1997's Alec Baldwin-Anthony Hopkins film "The Edge," and Werner Herzog's 2005 documentary "Grizzly Man" wasn't exactly a crowd-pleasing thriller.

APA just went out with the spec on Friday so bids from producers are still coming in.

Hackl served as the production designer on the second, third and fourth "Saw" movies. He also worked as the second unit director on "Saw III," "Saw IV" and "Repo! The Genetic Opera."

Hackl was set to direct the seventh installment in the successful franchise, "Saw 3D," but was forced off the project only two weeks before principal photography began by Twisted Pictures at Lionsgate's request, so that the studio could exercise a second picture option on "Saw VI" director Kevin Greutert in order to prevent him from directing "Paranormal Activity 2," which is a rival horror franchise.

Hackl is also attached to direct an adaptation of Vince Churchill's novel "The Butcher Bride," which is currently in development and was also written by Reher.