Explore ‘Room’s’ Unique Movie Set at LA’s Landmark Theater (Exclusive Video)

A24 is making the 10×10 foot installation open to the public once a week on Saturdays throughout December

The unique installation that A24 created for its award-winning drama “Room” will soon be available to moviegoers in Los Angeles during the month of December.

Beginning this Saturday, Dec. 5, the installation will be open once a week to audiences who see the movie at the Landmark Theater in West Los Angeles. The exhibition was previously only seen by press and industry professionals, but will now be open to the public every Saturday until the end of the year.

On Dec. 5, the exhibit will be open to those who attend the 11:10 a.m. showtime, and the film’s director, Lenny Abrahamson, will be on hand afterwards to personally curate audience members’ visit to the exhibit.

The installation is a reconstruction of the remarkable set used for the first half of the film, a 10×10 foot space where a mother (Brie Larson) and son (Jacob Tremblay) are held captive until they make a daring escape.

Built by production designer Ethan Tobman, the incredibly detailed, modular set has been a key talking point of the film since its release in October. The exhibit — which is a curated, multi-media presentation — has proven to be a powerful experience for those who have had a chance to view it.

Watch the time-lapse video above to watch the main set of “Room” come to life, and let us know how long you think you’d last in such a small space in the comments section below.