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Eye'll Say It: Emmys Off to a Fun Start

Little stunts adding to show's spontaneity

The first award of the night carried two surprises.


First, of course, was the winner: Did anyone see Kristin Chenoweth taking home the prize for "Pushing Daisies"? (OK, the LA Times' Emmy guru Tom O'Neill saw it. But I was stunned).


She rewarded the Academy with a funny, emotional speech (although, sadly, most viewers probably had no idea who she was or that 'Daisies' ever aired).

"I'm unemployed now, so I'd like to be on 'Mad Men,'" she quipped. "I also like 'The Office' and '24'."


But the real shocker came when the nominees were being read. Each of the women up for supporting comedy actress showed off a different pair of wacky eyewear (save for Vanessa Williams who, true to character, just acted bitchy).


Chenoweth credited the stunt to Amy Poehler. But here's hoping we see more little stunts throughout the show. It made the reading of nominees more fun and added to the spontaneity of the night.