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‘F Is For Family’ Star Bill Burr on Why His Own Family Hasn’t Watched the Show

No, it’s not because they’re offended

Bill Burr would like you to watch Season 2 of his “F Is for Family” next week when it drops Tuesday on Netflix. And while you’re at it, catch up on Season 1 over this long holiday weekend.

That goes for you too, Burr family.

The stand-up comedian and star and co-creator of the animated family sitcom told TheWrap that his own parents haven’t seen the show yet, simply because they can’t figure out how to use Netflix. He doesn’t think anyone else in his family has seen more than “bits and pieces either.”

“I just realized I don’t think my family’s even seen it,” Burr said when we brought it up, “which is a statement on how much TV there is out there to try and consume.”

To be clear, he’s not disappointed in his mom and dad not catching their son’s series — Burr is empathetic.

“I’m more like an old person than a young person at this point. The second the second remote is involved — where you gotta pick up that smaller one — I’m done,” he said. “I’m just like, ‘Well, I’m never gonna see that show.'”

Readers and fans of “F Is for Family” may be wondering if the extended Burr clan is choosing not to watch, as the show’s not exactly a flattering portrayal of an Irish-American suburban family in the ’70s, as shown through the eyes of a young redheaded boy named Bill.

So if Bill Murphy is Bill Burr, does that mean Frank Murphy (voiced by Burr, we know, confusing) is Robert Burr, Bill’s real-life dad? Not exactly.

“Frank is such an amalgam of everybody’s dad on the show and our imaginations,” Burr said. “The essence of it is some of the things my dad did, but it’s not him. A lot of times it’s more me.”

Did making “F Is for Family” make him appreciate his father more?

“Becoming a dad made me understand my dad more,” he added. “Rather than doing a cartoon loosely based on my father.”

Season 2 of “F Is for Family” drops Tuesday on Netflix.

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