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Face-Palming Boy Upstages ‘Fox & Friends’ Interview With Trump Fan in New Jersey Diner (Video)

Host Todd Piro was blissfully unaware of the moment as he continued his interview

“Fox & Friends” had an unexpected cameo during some impromptu interviews at a diner in Lebanon, New Jersey, on Monday night.

As host Todd Piro questioned a voter in a red “Make America Great Again” hat, he found himself upstaged by a boy sitting at a booth just behind him.

At various moments, the young man, wearing a smart blazer and collared shirt, put his face into his palms in disgust. At other moments, he shook his head and appeared to say something to the older man with him across the table.

“Fox & Friends interviews NJ diners. Boy in background reacts for America,” said Mediaite editor at large Colby Hall on Twitter.

At times even Piro appeared to have wished he spoke to another diner as the man repeatedly made a number of potentially slanderous allegations about New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez.

“Allegedly Menendez left the country for the Dominican Republic to have sex with underage prostitutes, along with his best friend,” said the man identified as Larry.

“He denied that. I do need to make that point,” Piro interjected — likely after a shot in the ear from a Fox News producer.

With the mid-term elections now in their final stretch, the Fox News morning show has pulled out all the usual stops stumping for Republicans candidates around the country — and denigrating their Democratic opponents.

Last week, one show guest dismissed Oprah’s endorsement of Stacey Abrams for governor of Georgia saying voters in the Peach State would be much more receptive to the messages from family values televangelists like James Dobson and Franklin Graham.