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Facebook and Twitter Have a Liberal Bias, Too?

A new Pew Study finds that liberals are more likely to use social media

Do social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have a liberal bias?

“Internet users who describe their political ideology as moderate or liberal are more likely than conservatives to use social networking sites,” a new study from the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project says.

Pew divided its study between the overall population and the population of internet users. Among the latter, 74 percent of those identifying themselves as liberal use social networking sites — as compared to only 60 percent who identify themselves as conservative  are on social networking sites.

When expanded to the general population, the gap narrows slightly. Some 60 percent of those identifying as liberal use social networking sites, whil. 49 percent of conservatives fit that bill.

Does this add another case to the complaint that the media is an elite, liberal enclave?

Does it mean conservatives need to mount a big social media campaign?

Maybe it just means liberals are in love with themselves, so they want to post about their lives.