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Facebook, Instagram Goes Down, Social Media Users Go Berserk: ‘Nobody Panic!’

”Who else keeps fearing that this is the apocalypse…?“ one Twitter user asks

Even in the midst of a hurricane crashing into Texas and touchy relations with North Korea, it was Facebook and Instagram going down Saturday morning that threw many people into a panic.

“Who else keeps fearing that this is the apocalypse because Facebook and Instagram are down and WHAT IF THEY TURN OFF THE INTERNET?!” Kyra Dosch-Klemer tweeted.

Although both networks are back up and running, it didn’t take much for social media to have a little fun with their own obsession. Many users either couldn’t post, access mailboxes or upload images onto their Facebook and Instagram sites this morning or were unable to access them entirely on both their web and mobile.

But those in need of communicating with the masses found solace… with Twitter. Check it out.