Facebook Launches Page to Help Media Companies

Social network also finds friends’ thumbnails increase “Like” push

Facebook has launched a page — "Facebook + Media" — aimed at helping media companies and their Web developers integrate the social network more effectively within their own sites.

Justin Osofsky, who leads media partnerships for Facebook, made the announcement at a San Francisco “Hacks and Hackers” meetup on Monday night.

"We're excited to begin a dialogue with media companies on how we best can deliver value,” Osofsky said, according to WebNewser. “Media companies are great at creating content and delivering it to the right people at the right time. We think Facebook can add a social dimension, to show users the content that friends most care about and most recommend.”

Facebook also unveiled the results of an internal study of the top 100 media sites that have integrated Facebook buttons and plug-ins on their own sites.

According to Facebook:

>> Sites experienced three to five times greater click-through rates on the “Like” button when they implemented the version that includes thumbnails of friends.

>> On Facebook pages operated by media companies, status updates that “ask simple questions or encourage a user to ‘Like’ the story” have two to three times the activity.

>> “Stories published from a World Cup-focused ‘Page’ of one major media company had five times the engagement rate per user than stories from the company's main page.”

>> Stories published in the early morning or just before bedtime have higher engagement.