Facebook’s Rebrand to Meta Roasted on the Internet: ‘Watch Out, Metamucil’

Mark Zuckerberg announced the name change at Thursday’s Connect conference

meta facebook mark zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg confirmed Facebook’s rumored brand overhaul on Thursday when he announced that the tech giant will now go by the name “Meta” to reflect its desire to be seen as a “metaverse” company – and the internet did not hold back in sharing its opinions.

Twitter user Colleen Carroll noted how the name recalled fiber brand Metamucil, tagging the company in a message that read, “Watch out, @Metamucil.”

The virtual background Zuckerberg appeared against during the conference was another target for internet commentators. “So far the best part about Facebook’s #metaverse is that you can make yourself look as rich as Mark Zuckerberg – sick virtual home #FacebookConnect$FB,” wrote Rich Greenfield.

Ross Gerber, CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management was more direct with his criticism, simply writing “Meta is the best way to move to irrelevance. $FB.”

Others took shots at the tech giant’s new logo, which Thursday had already replaced Facebook’s famous blue thumbs-up on the sign at company headquarters for an infinity loop that bears resemblance to a bent infinity loop … and perhaps some other shapes.

“Today a new senior prank was born for everyone going to high school in Menlo Park: drawing boobs on this,” writer Casey Newton quipped in response. Building on the high school graffiti theme, another user @Mr_sandman added a drawing of a penis between the loops.

And in response to Donie O’Sullivan’s tweet observing that Meta-née-Facebook “still has all the same problems it had this morning,” user Boo Crawleys added, “BREAKING: potassium cyanide has rebranded as a minty fresh mouthwash.”