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The Facebook Nazis Strike

Social networking on Facebook? What I learned yesterday is: It’s their way or the information superhighway.

Well, folks, it seems the self-proclaimed Queen of all gossip trash … simply can’t take what it dishes out. 

How shocked was I yesterday when, posting updates on the Black-Eyed Peas and Perez smackdown, that the website informed me I had received complaints from the blogger for harassing him. In retaliation, I was banned from posting updates and threatened with deletion if I continued to post anything more about him.

Facebook has a policy: “We remove content that harasses an individual or group. Facebook also must honor requests to remove content that draws unwanted attention to specific people.”

Unwanted attention? It amazes me that I was forced to remove posts that were links to actual stories, like the GLAAD bulletin asking the weight-challenged Blogger to apologize. Nope.  Couldn’t be done.

Yep. It was considered Harassment.

I will admit, probably not everyone gets a warning — I do have a few more people than most reading my Facebook updates, thanks to my weekly video “Wrap” and my “Views From a Broad.”  But the worst part is you can’t defend yourself or present a logical defense because Facebook won’t let you.

Nope. You can  attempt to send a letter but, from what I’ve heard, no one has ever had one returned. It gets lost in Facebook purgatory.

So, I was thinking , if this blogger can hurt me by shutting out my Facebook fans, I need to hit him where it hurts the most.  I mean one of his biggest advertisers is … ABC Family? (Now Disney’s got some splaining to do.) They advertise  family programming on a site that in recent weeks posted  male porn pics and graphic language for kids of all ages to see and hear?

Are the networks that desperate for hits? ratings?  Is Disney that desperate to financially to reward  him? All for the sake of hits?

We have all seen advertisers dump their sponsorships  for less reason. I say, we ask this: Do they really want to sponsor what he broadcasts? 

And um … Facebook Nazis: You are a social network — let us be social for gawds sake. You start silencing people, you will crash and burn as quickly as you rose to prominence.

Just saying.


Ester Goldberg is the International Glamourpuss of all media. Loved by young and old, Jewish and Gentile, black, white, brown and in-between, all love Ester's irreverent take on life and her positive message of "it's never too late to make your dreams come true." Her history of raising money for different charities and community-based organizations has made her an icon for those who care. For more Ester, check out her website, Views From a Broad.