Facebook Tests ‘Snooze’ Feature to Block Keywords From ‘Trump’ to ‘World Cup’

Users will be able to wipe words from their feeds for 30 days

Mark Zuckerberg
Getty Images

If you’re tired of reading you former high school classmate’s takes on politics on Facebook, the social network has a solution for you.

Facebook is testing a “snooze” feature, allowing users to block particular keywords from their News Feed or Groups for 30 days, the company announced on Wednesday. Users can’t block ads with certain keywords, however.

Here’s how it works: to snooze a keyword, you first have to find a post with the word in it. Users will see a drop-down arrow on the post that highlights words they can snooze. So if you wanted to stop seeing “Warriors” or “Trump,” show up on your feed, you can just click them and erase them for the next month. Facebook also pushed snooze as a solution for accidentally reading TV spoilers on your feed.

“Ever read a spoiler online before you’ve watched the last episode of the season? Or maybe you waited years for a movie sequel only to have your favorite blogger reveal the ending? We’ve all been there,” Shruthi Muraleedharan, Facebook News Feed product manager, wrote in the company’s post.

The test is an extension of the snooze feature Facebook launched in December, which already lets users snooze a person, page or group for 30 days. The feature is only available for a select amount of users right now.