Fade In Wants a Retraction – Here’s the Letter

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. TheWrap has received a letter from a lawyer for Audrey Kelly of Fade In magazine, seeking a retraction of the piece investigating complaints about its screenwriting contest.

Given the long list of legal claims involving Kelly and Fade In, this was probably to be expected.

The letter uses lots of words like "libel" and "malice" and "purposeful avoidance of the truth." Scary words like "fabrication of information," and — well, it goes on and on, four pages worth.

We do not intend to retract the story, which is entirely factual, but we are happy to include more information about this matter. By the looks of the 20 or so comments on the piece thus far, our reporting has raised great emotion and interest by others who have had involvement with the magazine and the contest.

In fact, we invite Audrey Kelly to write a Hollyblog post on her objections to the story, which we would happily publish.

Meanwhile, the lawyer's letter also sheds more light on Kelly's point of view.

"With regard to Apple's sponsorship of the Competition," says the letter, "Apple has been a sponsor since 1996, but it is not listed as a sponsor for 2009. The Story failed to correctly explain that Apple is not listed as a sponsor of the 2009 Competition. In fact, as of this year, Apple no longer participates in any sponsorship. And, again, Fade In has maintained a relationship with both Apple Computers and Waterman over the years."

You'd never guess that from the web-page, which still has Apple listed at the bottom.

In the world of the web, experience shows that retraction off one site only spurs reproduction on another. In this world, transparency is what it's all about.

More later.