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‘The Night Of': HBO Buys Real Subway Ads for Show’s Fake Lawyer (Photo)

Gritty limited series finds humor with one-sheets for John Turturro’s low-rent defense attorney

Every American deserves a good defense — though HBO’s forthcoming crime drama “The Night Of” presents a few different interpretations of what “good” can mean in court.

The slow-burn limited series stars “Nightcrawler” breakout Riz Ahmed as Pakistani-American student Nasir Khan caught up in a serious incident with a young woman — who quickly finds his way to low-brow lawyer John Stone (John Turturro).

In a role that was originally developed for the late James Gandolfini (who still retains an executive producer credit on the show), Turturro is perfect as a blunt, world-weary defense for hookers, drunk drivers and other scourge of Manhattan.

To promote the July 10 premiere, HBO purchased some subway ads (see below) with Turturro’s face screaming, “No Fee ‘Til You’re Free!”

The ads are replicas of ones used throughout the series, also seen on business cards, reminiscent of similar real-life attorneys and the New York subway’s most famous ad man — a since retired Dr. Zizmor.

Enjoy the chuckle now. No one’s laughing when things go down this Sunday on the premiere of “The Night Of.”