Fake ‘Supergirl’ Poster Sparks Real-Life Twitter Meltdown (Photo)

A porn-style parody promises that “Superman is coming in Supergirl” on the CW this October

Superman on Supergirl
Siny Hale

The latest poster touting Season 2 of “Supergirl” on the CW to emerge online has sexual undertones more suitable for a porn film than a superhero series.

Luckily, the raunchy artwork promising that “Superman Is Coming In Supergirl” this October was quickly shot down as a fake.

“Are you sure the wording is OK?” one Twitter user mocked after it went viral.

Another fan wrote on the official “Supergirl” Facebook page, “But they’re cousins! … So gross.”


Fortunately, the real poster simply reads “Superman Is Coming to Supergirl,” which is totally normal, if somewhat less interesting.

But that didn’t stop the designer who claims he created it from having a mini-meltdown on Twitter as it spread like wildfire across the Internet.

“I don’t have stomach for this … it’s too much. Sorry to Hoechlin, Melissa & CW, I never wanted this to happen. I’ll be back when it dies,” creator Siny Hale wrote.

The CW confirmed to BuzzFeed that the porn parody poster is indeed a fake, and even the original artwork seems to be fan-made rather than official.

Take a glimpse into the dark recesses of the designer’s mind via his tweets below, plus some amusing responses to the fake poster.