Big 4 Nets Have Aired 90 Fewer Hours of Original Entertainment Episodes So Far This Season

CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC have lost more than one-quarter of last year’s early fall programming

We’re all still struggling to achieve a sense of normalcy amid the coronavirus pandemic, and broadcast television is no exception.

Beginning Sept. 21, 2020 and running through this past Thursday, which was Oct. 29, the Big 4 broadcast networks (CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC) have combined to air 22,430 minutes of original programming, including live news and sports. That probably sounds like a lot (or looks like a large number), but in the comparable period last year, the four main free-over-the-air channels combined for 25,656 minutes of original programming in these first five weeks and change.

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Tony Maglio

TV Editor • • Twitter: @tonymaglio