‘Falling Skies’ Star Noah Wyle Teases an ‘Amped Up’ Season 3

The actor and executive producer discusses the TNT show's creative choices for the upcoming season

When TNT's "Falling Skies" returns for its third season on Sunday, viewers will find that the series has embraced its science fiction elements more than it has ever had before.

"We initiated a lot of very big storylines, a lot of them very science fiction-heavy storylines," star and executive producer Noah Wyle told TheWrap.

"And while I had a little trepidation that we were biting off more than we can chew, through great diligence and attention to detail I think we carved out our best season ever," he continued.

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Note: Spoilers ahead.

"Falling Skies" jumps ahead seven months since the Season 2 finale. During the premiere episode, we'll learn that the resistance has decided to stay in Charleston and Wyle's Tom Mason has ascended to become the president of the new United States of America.

Additionally, the group has actually made an alliance with the new aliens, The Volm, but the resistance's hunt for a mole in their midst continues as the group can't allow anyone to undermine its progress.

TheWrap spoke with Wyle about the series' increased science fiction push, the questions surrounding Tom's growing family and the nature of The Volm alliance.

TheWrap: There's certainly a much larger emphasis on the show's science fiction roots this season. What was the thinking behind going in that direction?
Noah Wyle: We did kind of amp it up across the board. We had a little more money to play with, which was nice and certainly augmented our effects budget. We brought in a few more characters, which was nice. We brought in some actors of a very high caliber, Gloria Reuben and Robert Sean Leonard.

That's what happened. It's up to all of us to keep those circumstances grounded with a sense of truth and plausibility as much as possible. In a way, we've earned it. We've been able to go a bit farther out, because we've created a home base to go back to.

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What are the ramifications of Tom and Anne's (Moon Bloodgood) new baby?
I told [showrunner] Remi Aubuchon, 'Let me get this straight, we started off with a very simple story about a history teacher with three kids trying to stay alive in the context of an alien invasion. And in the span of 30 episodes, I'm a father of four, three of my children are alien hybrids, are we moving a little quickly here?"

I think it speaks to the fundamental philosophical question we touched on last year. Is this a really cruel act to bring this baby into this world? Or is it a biological necessity if the species is to continue? I think that Tom feels it's a biological necessity. And also on a personal level, through this baby he made a major commitment to Anne and really burying his wife as she is burying her husband and the memories and the lives that they knew before. In a lot of ways, they're starting on a new adventure together through having this baby. The baby is going to be a big part of the season.

Hold on, you just said three of Tom's children are alien hybrids. I count two. Did you just reveal a spoiler?
I did, didn't I? I said the baby is going to be a big part of the season.

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The resistance and The Volm have a created a mutually beneficial alliance. But, does The Volm have a hidden agenda?
That mystery runs the length of the season. The answer to that question is a big part of the finale. I don't think Tom has totally embraced the alliance, but he sees it as a necessity. And, with the help of the aliens the group has not only been able to defend its border but also expand them. It's the first time they're winning. Of course, they have to stay vigilant. These new aliens could become their new masters once this whole thing is over.

The two-hour third season premiere of "Falling Skies" airs Sunday at 9/8c on TNT.

Watch a preview below: