‘Falling Skies': Steven Spielberg’s Aliens Will Literally Invade the World

TNT’s summer sci-fi series will debut June 19 in more than 75 countries

"Falling Skies" is TNT's upcoming big-budget series about extraterrestrial invaders that take over Earth and make humans suffer collectively. So naturally the show's June 19 debut will be a shared global experience.

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TNT and Turner Broadcasting System International announced Thursday that the Steven Spielberg–produced drama will be made available in more than 180 million homes worldwide.

"The launch of 'Falling Skies' promises to be a global television event," said Steve Koonin, president of Turner Entertainment Networks, in a statement. "We're excited that people around the world will be able to experience this great new series."

Noah Wyle stars in the series as the de facto leader of a band of rebellious humans fighting to eradicate their alien overlords that invaded roughly eight months before the storyline picks up.

Here in America, "Falling Skies" will debut June 19 at 9 p.m. ET on TNT.