Fallon Unsurprised Trump Administration Left Biden With No COVID Plan: ‘Honestly, What Did They Expect?’ (Video)

“It’s like walking into your house and being mad that your dog didn’t do your taxes,” the late-night host quipped

Jimmy Fallon broke down Joe Biden’s first full day in office during Thursday’s “Tonight Show,” explaining that the new President of the United States’ first priority is creating a new COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan — because Donald Trump’s administration left behind nothing for them to work from.

“Biden’s team said that they aren’t using any part of the Trump administration’s vaccine distribution plan,” the NBC late-night host said. “And there’s a simple reason for that.”

Fallon then cut to a CNN report that the Biden administration says Trump’s team left them “no plan for administering the vaccine.”

“I mean, honestly, what did they expect?” Fallon said, adding: “It’s like walking into your house and being mad that your dog didn’t do your taxes.”

Fallon then dug into the specifics of Biden’s plan, the National Strategy for the COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness, which “really rolls off the tongue.”

“As part of Biden’s new COVID strategy, he’s launching the 100-day masking challenge,” he said. “Biden’s smart, he knows that he can get Americans to do anything if he makes it sound like a TikTok challenge.”

While discussing Biden’s big first day, Fallon also marveled at the normalcy of his tweets compared to the ones Trump was known for during his four years in office.

“Not only did Biden take over an office, he also took over the official @POTUS Twitter account yesterday,” and then he read off Biden’s first tweet from the account.

“It has all complete sentences. No typos. No caps lock. It’s so refreshing!”

He read another, commenting: “It’s simple. No exclamation point. And it wasn’t tweeted at 3 in the morning. It feels so good!”

And then a third tweet (“It’s so normal!”) actually made Fallon break into a dance.

Watch Fallon’s full monologue from Thursday’s “Tonight Show” via the video above.


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