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Watch Jimmy Fallon Answer ‘Shag, Marry, Kill’ for Corden, Kimmel, Colbert (Video)

We finally find out which late night rival Fallon would want to settle down with

Did Jimmy Fallon just pour gasoline on the late night fire?

Probably not, but he did reveal, at long last, his answers to “Shag, Marry, Kill” when it comes to his hosting rivals while visiting with Andy Cohen last night.

The question seemed to vex Fallon for a minute, whose skinny tie brought back memories of Damone from “Fast Times.” Cohen asked him to pick between Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and James Corden.

“I’m friends with all of them,” said the ever amiable Fallon. “I’m trying to think who would be the least mad if I killed them.”

After pensive deliberation, the verdict:

Shag: Kimmel. “Me and Kimmel are very shag, so I’ll shag Jimmy.”

Marry: Colbert. “I will marry Colbert.”

Kill: Corden. “It’ll be a funny, British way of killing him. It’ll be a very Monty Python way of killing him.”

Kudos to Fallon for handling the tough question as smoothly as possible. But he didn’t get off the hot seat easily. Cohen wanted to get to the bottom of Fallon’s friendship with Justin Timberlake, and asked a pressing question: Did JT ever tell him why he broke up with the “Toxic” singer? Check out Fallon’s response in the video below. (Hint: He’s good at navigating these questions without ruffling feathers, as usual).