Fallon Teases Trump About Possible Indictment: He’s ‘Currently Packing for Spring Break in Switzerland’ (Video)

The former president made a bombshell announcement on social media and said he expects to be arrested on Tuesday

Jimmy Fallon joked during his monologue on Friday that former President Donald Trump is getting ready to flee the country to avoid a possible indictment in New York City, which many are saying — including Trump himself — is coming sooner rather than later.

Trump’s legal woes continue as the Manhattan district attorney is considering charges against Trump in the Stormy Daniels’ hush money investigation. Fallon made light of the situation and said the former president may be preparing to skip town.

“I read that law enforcement agencies are preparing for the possibility that, as early as next week, former President Trump could be indicted,” Fallon said, evoking thunderous applause from his audience.

Fallon continued, “Which is why Trump is currently packing for spring break in Switzerland. I think even Trump knows it’s coming because today he was walking around in a green shirt that said, ‘Kiss me, I’m indicted.’”

The late-night host even made a reference to March Madness, saying, “At this point, Trump has so many legal problems, everyone’s filling out brackets for which one finally gets him. They’re like, (as if reading a list), ‘Stormy Daniels vs. Georgia election tampering.’”

On Saturday, Trump made a bombshell announcement on social media and said he expects to be arrested on Tuesday. Additionally, he called for his supporters to protest and “take our nation back.”

As mentioned, Trump is facing legal issues in two states – Georgia for election tampering and in New York, a grand jury investigating hush money payments to women who alleged sexual encounters with the former president.

To watch Fallon’s monologue, click the video above.