Fallon Mocks Updated Total of Documents Found at Mar-a-Lago: ‘He’s Like the Grandpa Who Prints Every Email’ (Video)

The grand total is now up to almost 200,000 pages

Jimmy Fallon had a few new comparisons for Donald Trump on Thursday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show,” after it was revealed this week that the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago resulted in the seizure of nearly 200,000 government documents. The late night host joked that the twice-impeached former president is either a hoarder, or just a grandpa.

In a new court filing this week, Trump’s lawyers revealed that what was previously reported to be roughly 11,000 documents taken from Trump’s resort was actually closer to 200,000. The new total was revealed to bolster their argument that the Department of Justice is being “overly optimistic and aggressive” about how soon the documents can be reviewed by an outside data vendor and the appointed special master in the case.

And really, Fallon also couldn’t get past the sheer volume of pages that officials will have to go through. First, he likened Trump to an elderly relative.

“200,000 pages. He’s like the grandpa who prints every email,” Fallon joked.

The late night host then joked that it was a good thing that the FBI moved so swiftly on seizing those documents; if they hadn’t they might not have gotten to them. But, not because Trump would’ve gotten rid of them.

“If the FBI delayed their search another day, the TV show ‘Hoarders’ would’ve beat them to it,” Fallon mocked.

That said, Trump was more of a passing thought in Fallon’s monologue on Thursday. Beyond the twice-impeached former president, Fallon focused more on the record-breaking home run hit by Aaron Judge earlier in the week. (Though Trump did get a quick zinger in that portion too).

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.