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‘Family Feud Canada’ Contestant Is Super Confident in Her Terrible Answer (Video)

Dubois Family will NOT be playing for $10,000

Last Updated: January 10, 2020 @ 2:52 PM

“Family Feud Canada” contestant Eve really laid an egg with her “chicken” answer on Thursday night. The survey: “Name Popeye’s favorite food.”

Yeah, she said “chicken.”

Eve had fast-food restaurant Popeyes popular dishes on her mind.

The whole thing might have not been so bad if she stopped there to await her giant red “X.” Instead, Eve performed the most confident dance of all time.

Her family could not believe it.

“Oh my God!” one member said. “What?!?” asked another.

Here’s how that moment looked in a freeze-frame:

Family Feud Canada


To make matters worse, this was a sudden death face-off. In such scenarios, the person who gives the No. 1 answer wins the game, and their family goes on to play for the $10,000 prize.

The answer was, of course, “spinach.” Competitor Logan — and the rest of the planet — pretty easily came up with that answer.

Watch the video above.

Cue the Popeye laugh: “A-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah!”

Eve may have the last laugh on all of us, however.

On Friday, the quick-service restaurant she referenced offered her $10,000 worth of its food.

See the company’s tweet below.

Eve has been a good sport about her soon-to-be viral moment.

“I had no idea that I was wrong until I turned back to my family,” she wrote on Twitter once her native Canada started to catch on, adding that she was “110%” certain of her answer.

“I thought I won! I was ready to go home and celebrate …” Eve said.