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‘Family Feud’ Contestant Sticks Foot in Mouth With Finger-in-Wife Response (Video)

Thoughtless husband pokes some fun at his spouse’s expense

There was something pretty fishy on “Family Feud” last week, but we can’t put our finger on it.

Oh, wait, we totally can put our finger on it!

The Steve Harvey-hosted game show took a turn for the bawdy when Kevin, one of the contestants, was hit with the question “Tell me the last thing you stuck your finger in.”

“My wife, Steve,” Kevin replied.

The response drew hearty laughter from Harvey — and a look of utter mortification from his wife Ryan, who halfheartedly clapped as the last shred of dignity drained from her pores.

“Kev, I’ve had a lot of good answers. That’s my favorite answer of all time. Don’t do that no more.

Cop a feel of indignity by clicking on the video.

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Posted by Family Feud on Friday, September 18, 2015