You Won’t Believe This ‘Family Feud’ Contestant’s Fast Money Score (Video)

Kai just killed it

Some “Family Feud” contestants crack under the pressure — especially during the stressful Fast Money round. Kai Trimble is not one of those “Family Feud” players.

She absolutely smashed the first round of the game show’s final segment, scoring a whopping 194 points all by herself earlier this week. The confident Kai even appeared to drop an “I told you so” to host Steve Harvey on her way back to the family.

With four of the five Number 1 answers on the board, Kai left partner Laurence only needing six points. She got those on the first question, with three to spare.

It was quite fortunate that Kai straight-up crushed it, because Laurence didn’t exactly follow suit. To be fair, however, the second woman’s first instinct was typically the exact same as her predecessor’s — Laurence wasn’t so good at spitting out Plan B survey responses.

Still, “Family Feud” face Harvey — who’s seen it all at this point — was quite impressed. As will you be after watching the video above.

Harvey was recently tapped by Fox to bring “Showtime at the Apollo” back to TV via two specials. The small-screen’s busiest personality also still hosts NBC’s “Little Big Shots” and his self-titled syndicated talk show. Plus, who could forget about that ultimately disastrous turn as emcee of the most recent “Miss Universe” competition?