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‘Family Guy’s’ Violent Emmy Video: ‘Eat Schrute and Die’

"Family Guy" may not win the best comedy Emmy. But nobody can accuse producer 20th Century Fox TV of not going all out to snag a statuette for Seth MacFarlane and Co. First, there was the "Vote for Change" riff on the Obama campaign Emmy posters. Then the non-controversy over the abortion episode of the show (which will still be seen on DVD). There’s also been a live reading of said abortion episode, as well as a newmaking Playboy interview with MacFarlane (Stewie really is gay!) Now, producers are taking on other nominated series. Earlier today, a "Family Guy" video popped up on YouTube showing Stewie beating Brian the dog into submission when Brian indicates he might vote for "The Office" in the Emmy race. Our favorite line: "Eat Schrute and die."