Ben Silverman’s ‘Fanboys vs. Zombies’ Graphic Novel to Invade Comic-Con

New geek-centric graphic novel from Electus and BOOM! Studios pits zombie fans against actual zombies

Last Updated: July 18, 2011 @ 9:52 AM

If bona fide zombies were ever to invade Comic-Con, they might be difficult to pick out of the crowd, given the haggard look worn by many frenzied fanboys, some of whom are even dressed as zombies.

That very scenario is explored in "Fanboys vs. Zombies," a new graphic novel from former NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman's Electus and BOOM! Studios that will be unveiled at — you guessed it — Comic-Con.

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The humorous graphic novel focuses on a group of nerdy friends making their annual pilgrimage to the San Diego event. When a zombie outbreak happens, they use the knowledge they've gleaned from comics, video games and movies to thwart the undead horde and get out of Dodge with their fair share of coveted goodie bags.

Originally conceived by Silverman, who moonlights as the executive producer of "The Office" and other shows, the team-up with BOOM! Studios seems like a solid fit, just based on cover art alone.

That might be because BOOM! is no stranger to drawing the undead. The company put out the comic-book adaptation of Danny Boyle's zombie-ish flick "28 Days Later" and notes that its first-ever project was titled "Zombie Tales."