Fans Slam BBC and ESPN for Airing Unedited Footage After Danish Soccer Star Collapses

Footballer Christian Eriksen collapsed during a match against Finland on Saturday

teammates surrounding christian eriksen
UEFA Nations League

Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed during a match Saturday, necessitating urgent medical attention on the field. However, cameras continued rolling as Eriksen received CPR and was stretchered off the field, something that has many fans heated.

Eriksen collapsed in the first half of Denmark’s match against Finland at the Euro 2020 in Copenhagen on Saturday. According to the New York Times, it initially appeared that Eriksen had merely stumbled to the ground. However, his teammates noticed he was in distress and quickly waved down the medical crew.

Eriksen’s teammates, some in tears, formed a circle around him on the field. Trainers and other medical professionals worked on the midfielder for almost 20 minutes before transferring him onto a stretcher and carrying him off the field to be transported to a hospital, per New York Times.

Viewers watched the shocking event play out live, reportedly witnessing cuts to both Eriksen receiving CPR and the player’s wife in tears. Although networks were simply playing the unified feed directly from the match, many fans took to social media to accuse ESPN and the BBC of exploiting Eriksen’s condition.

The match has since been suspended and Eriksen is reportedly in stable condition, per CNN. Still, several soccer players and organizations from around the world are sending their well-wishes as the midfielder recovers.


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