‘Fantastic Four’ Stars Miles Teller, Jamie Bell Address Concerns About Their Character’s Penises (Video)

Kate Mara also reveals which of her co-stars she would “marry, shag, or kill”


People really want to know just how “fantastic” the men of “Fantastic Four” really are.

On Thursday’s episode of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” Jamie Bell and Miles Teller had to field questions from the audience about whether or not their characters are super powered below the belt.

Bell was up first when a fan asked if The Thing has a penis, and if so, is it a “teeny tiny one?”Bell found himself a little red in the face trying to answer, but he played along and gave his best guess.

“[The Thing] doesn’t wear pants, that’s true. He definitely has genitalia, it’s just hidden underneath the rocks and the gravel and the dirt,” Bell said.

Teller was up next, when a fan asked whether or not Mr. Fantastic is capable of stretching every part of his anatomy. Surprisingly Kate Mara, who plays Mr. Fantastic’s girlfriend Sue Storm, jumped in to answer that one. “Sue’s happy,” she said.


Teller chimed in, “Why is Sue always smiling?”

During the Plead the Fifth portion of Andy Cohen’s show, Mara also revealed which of her co-stars she would “marry, shag, or kill.” She said she would marry Bell, kill Jordan, and shag Teller. Jordan then quipped, “The black guy dies first. Big surprise.”

Watch Bell and Teller talk about their characters genitals below, then watch the cast play Plead the Fifth.