‘Fargo’: First Look at FX’s Creepy Coen Brothers Adaptation (Video)

You betcha, you’ll enjoy this sneak peek at the crime dramedy starring Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman

With FX’s adaptation of the 1996 Coen Brothers film “Fargo” fast approaching (mark Feb. 15 on your calendar, dontcha know), the network has issued a first look at the series, featuring footage from the show as well as behind-the-scenes commentary from cast and crew.

In the sneak peek, showrunner Noah Hawley notes that while the show might be a small-screen adaptation of a big-screen classic, the FX version still strives to achieve a cinematic scope.

“This show is about what happens when a civilized man meets a very uncivilized man, and it was our hope that we would create a cast that was a movie cast and not a television cast,” Hawley notes. “We’re making a 10-hour movie.”

(Mission accomplished on that front: The cast includes “The Hobbit” star Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton and Oliver Platt.)

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Adds “Breaking Bad” alum Bob Odenkirk, who plays Deputy Bill Olson on the series, “‘Fargo’ is a straight mix of black humor and intense, crazy evil.”

Are we excited? You betcha.

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Get a jump on one of this year’s hottest TV prospects by clicking on the video below.