Vin Diesel Talks Marijuana, Steroids and Facebook in Bizarre ‘Tonight Show’ Interview (Video)

The "Fast & Furious" Star spoke on steroid use, inexplicably brought out his children, and claims that Facebook owes him billions

Vin Diesel's still got it, at least according to the women in Jay Leno's audience. Oh, and Leno himself, who swooned over Diesel's cover photo on this month's Men's Fitness magazine. Leno comically referred to the workout magazine as "my bible."

The segments got even more charming — and slightly weirder — from there.

The topic segued from the "Fast & Furious" star's bulging horseshoe triceps to his feelings on drug use, where Diesel admits to smoking a joint, but swears he never used steroids. Where have we heard that before though? Oh yeah, every athlete ever. But Diesel sounded pretty convincing and made for a really engaging, if atypical, "Tonight Show" guest.

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At one point, the jacked-up action star brought out his children for some reason. Diesel explained the unrehearsed moment as it related to "Fast & Furious 6" being "all about family." And here we thought it was all about high-speed driving in exotic cars.

The conversation eventually turned to the odd topic of Vin Diesel believing that Facebook owes him billions of dollars. It seems that the reason the on-screen car thief feels that way is because he was one of the first celebrities who switched from MySpace to Facebook. While an entertaining argument, we're not sure that Diesel understands how stock works.

Watch below: