‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Star Alycia Debnam-Carey on Alicia’s ‘Realization of Foolishness’

“It comes from a place of really trying to find some normalcy,” actress tells TheWrap of her character’s decisions in season premiere of AMC show

Fear the Walking Dead 201 Alycia Debnam Carey

The “Fear the Walking Dead” gang have encountered what could be their first major threat of the season, and as the old adage goes, the real danger is from other humans, not zombies.

As Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) was tasked with monitoring the radio to try to find safe passage for the Abigail, she connected with a mysterious voice, a man who called himself Jack.

As Alicia seemed to form a genuine connection with Jack, she tried to convince Strand (Colman Domingo), her mother (Kim Dickens) and Travis (Cliff Curtis) to pick up Jack and his small band of fellow survivors.

However, before Alicia could break the bad news to Jack that her group have decided it’s too dangerous to pick them up, Jack replies with a rather ominous, “See you soon,” and disconnects.

“It comes from a place of really trying to find some normalcy,” Debnam-Carey said. “This whole world’s fallen apart, and she’s lost her boyfriend, she’s lost her neighbor who was her nanny, her family friend, so much has happened in such a short amount of time. There’s a line in the episode where she says: ‘It was all over before I even knew it happened.’ I think that’s a very good description of where she’s at. She hasn’t really had time to catch up to anything or to grieve anything.

“Here’s a distraction that feels very real and honest. And she can forget about [everything else] for a second and pretend it doesn’t exist,” she continued. “It’s sweet and innocent. At the end, there’s this realization of foolishness and stupidity, like this world has no place for that stuff. She’s trying to find her place in this world like everyone else is, and there’s people you thought you could trust but you can’t and all that.”

So will Jack and Alicia ever come face to face?

“Well I can’t really say, can I?” she laughed. “We’ll see!”

“Fear the Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.