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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Star Garret Dillahunt Teases Fans With Lauren Cohan ‘Crossover’ Pic

It’s from an episode of ”The Mindy Project,“ but some fans took the bait

Will there be another crossover character between “Fear the Walking Dead” and “The Walking Dead”?

The jury’s still out on that, but “Fear” star Garret Dillahunt had fans on their toes Monday afternoon with an Instagram picture of him and “The Walking Dead” star Lauren Cohan with the caption “Crossover. #fearfamily#TWDfamily.”

The photo is actually from an episode of “The Mindy Project,” in which Dillahunt starred as Jody Kimball-Kinney and Cohan guest-starred as Ashley, a blogger who acted as one of Jody’s love interests. Cohan appeared in two episodes in the comedy’s fourth season.

Several fans knew exactly what the photo was from, but others fell for Dillahunt’s prank. “Well played, sir. Well played!!!” one fan commented on the photo.

“thank goodness for the comment section, cause I was about to freak out for a moment,” another said, along with a laughing emoji. Others joked that Glenn, Maggie’s husband in “TWD” and Laura, John’s love on “Fear,” wouldn’t be happy about the photo.

In “Fear,” Dillahunt plays John Dorie, a romantic even in the zombie apocalypse. Of course, a crossover with “The Walking Dead” isn’t unprecedented — Lennie James’ Morgan joined Season 4 as a series regular. But, it remains to be seen if any other “TWD” characters will appear in the spinoff show. And as much as we hate to say it, even if we did get another crossover character, our best guess is it wouldn’t be Maggie as Cohan’s new series “Whiskey Cavalier” recently got picked up by ABC.

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See the photo below, and watch “Fear the Walking Dead” Sundays on AMC.