Felicity Jones Hasn’t Watched Her Episode of ‘Girls,’ Probably Never Will

The British actress loves Lena Dunham, but has avoided watching that particular episode

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Felicity Jones has only glowing things to say about Lena Dunham, but she’s shying away from actually watching their collaboration.

The 30-year-old British actress guest starred on HBO’s “Girls” in an episode that aired earlier this month, playing the daughter of Richard E. Grant, who seeks out Jessa after leaving rehab. Jones had quite a bit of fun playing Dottie, a character that she says was entirely the invention of Dunham and her team of writers, but doesn’t think she’ll ever watch the episode.

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“Sometimes it’s hard watching yourself. I’ve seen all of my movies, this is a new thing, trying not to watch my own,” she told The Wrap. “It’s not for any particular reason, I just think it’s sometimes good to just let it go. You’re like, I did that, I was happy with it, and I don’t want to go back and self-analyze.”

The entire guest spot came together after Dunham met with Jones, who won an award at Sundance in 2011 for her leading role in the romantic drama “Like Crazy” and appears in the upcoming film “Breathe In,” for coffee in Los Angeles. It was, officially, a creative meeting, but the pair hit it off like old friends.

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“We met in L.A. and just had a discussion and chat and had loads of similar ideas about the kind of films we like, and it just seemed like it’d be fun to work together,” Jones, who also starred in Ralph Fiennes‘ “The Invisible Woman,” said. “She’s a very special talent. I’m excited to see what she does next.”

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: Yes, she does watch all the other episodes of “Girls.”