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Ferguson Decision Aftermath: Media Focuses on ‘Chaos,’ ‘Rage,’ and… Obama

From traditional media to new media, the headlines are bold, and the images are blazing; Michael Brown’s parents to speak at 12 p.m. ET

TheWrap extensively covered the violence, emotions, and tension in Ferguson, Missouri Monday night as officer Darren Wilson was not indicted by a grand jury of 12 jurors.

The media was in the line of fire Monday night, as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was forced off air temporarily as gun shots went off near he and his crew; CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo along with Fox News’ Mike Tobin got hit with tear gas while trying to report, and Fox News’ Steve Harrigan’s cameraman was attacked and had his camera smashed.

TheWrap has reached out to all of those media anchors and reporters to ask about their experiences on the ground, and hope to speak to them Tuesday.

And Tuesday morning, in the aftermath of the burning buildings, police cars on fire, tear gas still in the air, the media gave it’s interpretation of events:

The New York Post saw rage:

New York Post

As did Huffington Post:
Huff Po Cover

And Drudge went simple:

While Breitbart.com chose to focus on President Obama:

The Daily Beast says there was an indictment last night, just not who you think:
Daily Beast

Foxnews.com covered the chaos:
Fox News Cover

And MSNBC.com, who like its cable competitors, is in wall-to-wall coverage of the non-indictment, focused on Ferguson:

Barring other breaking news, expect wall-to-wall coverage of the non-indictement of Officer Darren Wilson for the remainder of this week on cable news. It should be noted, there still is a federal investigation underway into Darren Wilson shooting Michael Brown.