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Michael Brown’s Parents Dispute Darren Wilson’s Story: ‘I Don’t Believe a Word of It’ (Video)

”He wanted to kill someone,“ mother of the slain 18-year-old says of the Ferguson cop on ”CBS This Morning“

Michael Brown’s parents spoke with “CBS This Morning” on Wednesday about the shooting death of their son by police officer Darren Wilson, the grand jury’s decision not to indict and the subsequent riots that burned down parts of Ferguson, Missouri.

The two, alongside their attorney Benjamin Crump, also commented on Wilson’s version of events as told to ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos the previous night.

“I don’t believe a word of it,” Lesley McSpadden told CBS anchors Charlie Rose and Gayle King. “I know my son far too well to — he would never do anything like that. He would never provoke anyone to do anything to him and he wouldn’t do anything to anybody. I don’t believe a word of it.”

When Rose questioned whether McSpadden truly believed that Wilson “wanted” to kill her son, she said: “I don’t think he wanted to kill my son, but he wanted to kill someone.”

“Why? It’s my biggest question: why? Why would you choose to wake up with a chip on your shoulder and do what you did to our son,” Michael Brown Sr. said he wanted to know. “I wouldn’t even say to our son — to any human being.”

The duo is dealing with the personal fallout, while their city hopes to rebuild — both physically and emotionally. McSpadden blamed Monday night’s rioting on Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, saying he made empty promises to her family and the people of Ferguson.

“My son doesn’t have a history of violence,” McSpadden said. “One image does not paint a person’s entire life or their entire past or how they were. We all have a past, and Nixon is one of the ones that came to me and let me know that it shouldn’t even be a part of this procedure because when he was 18, he did things and if people had known, he wouldn’t be governor. So this to me was saying, that this didn’t call for you to take my son’s life.”

Earlier, Rose opened the interview by asking Brown’s parents what they hope happens next.

Change,” Brown replied. “That’s all we’re asking for. We actually don’t accept our son is gone, but we’re dealing with it. There are other families that went through the same situation, and we all just want change all over.”

Towards the end of their early morning conversation, McSpadden and Brown both said that officials from Ferguson have yet to come to them and express condolences for their loss.

“We have just been disrespected all the way around,” Brown summarized.

Watch the video.