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‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Mania Spawns Pimping by Condom Company in Parody Spot (Video)

In ”Fifty Shades of Pleasure“ video series, Trojan shows couple spoofing the best-selling book

Christian Grey and Ana Steele mania is mounting in the buildup to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” premiere, and Trojan got in the game Tuesday.

The condom company launched a video series, “Fifty Shades of Pleasure,” depicting a couple in therapy fretting over their sex life failing to match the levels of of Grey and Steele.

“I just wanted it to be like the book; I just wanted him to take charge,” a woman says. Her husband responds: “I didn’t read the book, so I just kind of winged it.”

The video then shows images of the husband failing to be mysterious and sexy—scaring her to death in a ninja costume, slapping himself with a sex toy instead of her, and failing to be intimate on an exercise machine.

As part of Trojan’s Fifty Shades campaign, the condom company surveyed Americans: they found 50 percent of feel their sex life needs to be spiced up.

Watch if you dare below.