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‘Fifty Shades’ Stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson Strip Naked for Racy Magazine Spread (Photos)

On-screen Christian and Anastasia enact a moody BDSM scene narrated by director Sam Taylor-Johnson

As we inch closer to the Friday release of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” promotion for the Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson romp is climaxing — as evidenced by a new photo shoot for W magazine.

Shot by director Sam Taylor-Johnson, she narrates the series through captions. The diary of sorts sees Dornan and Johnson fully nude at points, evoking the power system told in E.L. James‘ bestselling novels.

“This is my first studio film,” Taylor-Johnson told the mag. “So I quickly wised up to the fact that I couldn’t free-form it too much. Coming from a totally autonomous position to answering to a lot of people can be kind of a shock initially.”

As Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, the dominate and his submissive, the pair smolder in various states of undress and, ultimately, nothing at all. Tayl0r-Johnson discussed how she slowly unfurled the movie’s sexuality.

“When you see something, it’s all over,” she said of anticipation over scenes in Grey’s bondage room. While it burns slow, “we do get there eventually … we definitely get there.”

And plenty of people will get there this weekend. The film, which will see the full trilogy of books brought to big screen, is expected to open north of $60 million. It’s also enchanting overseas customers.

More than 4.5 million advance tickets were sold in the 39 foreign markets in which it rolls out this weekend. Exhibitors are seeing “unprecedented” advance sales for the opening, according to studio Universal.

See some of W Magazine’s racy shots below. For the full spread click here.



FIFTY-W-MAG-1The uncropped version of this photo hit the internet on Tuesday. (NSFW below)


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