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Does ‘Finding Dory’ Feature a Gay Couple? Fans Are Buzzing on Social Media (Video)

Predictably, the reaction is mixed

The new “Finding Dory” trailer is closing in on three million views on YouTube since being released last week, and fans can’t stop talking about the apparent lesbian couple spotted at the 1:07 mark.

Disney-Pixar has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request to confirm that the “Finding Nemo” sequel feature gay characters, but if true, it would mark the first time for Pixar to include a gay character in one of its films. And seeing as it’s a possible couple, that would be two gay characters making their debut.

The quick peek has a lot of people buzzing on social media. But given the uncertainty over the pair’s sexual orientation and how integral the human characters are to the “Dory” storyline, some LGBT supporters still aren’t satisfied.

“If audiences are perhaps jumping the gun in anticipation of this possible milestone, it’s because queer people are desperate and hungry for more than we’ve been given in the past,” Nico Lang writes in Salon, citing a recent GLAAD study that showed the number of queer characters in movies has flatlined.

“[It] would help the reputation of the studio, which has a tradition of shutting out LGBTQ character,” an Out Magazine article said, noting Disney’s failing grade in the GLAAD index.

The move appearance of what might be Pixar’s first lesbians seems almost perfectly timed, following social-media campaigns, like #GiveElsaAGirlfriend and #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend, urging Disney to include LGBT characters in its future slate of films.

The potential gay couple in the new “Dory” trailer was first pointed out by a Disney fan on Twitter earlier in the week and gained steam from there.

Watch the full trailer here: