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First Look at Disney World’s ‘Avatar’ Land: Whoopi Goldberg Loses Her Mind (Video)

Manmade waterfalls, floating mountains and glowing plants stupefy ”The View“ host while on tour with James Cameron

Her mouth agape during much of a first look at Pandora — Disney World’s new land based on the global hit film “Avatar” — Whoopi Goldberg was clearly floored.

“The View” host got an exclusive first look at the new attraction with a special tour given by none other than director James Cameron.

“Oh my god!” she cried as she spied manmade waterfalls spilling from floating mountains covered with otherworldly vegetation.

“You think of something, you do a few sketches, and then years later – you’re standing in it,” Cameron said, admitting to Goldberg that he gets pretty wowed himself seeing the world he conceived in his imagination come to life in the real world.

Whoopi Goldberg James Cameron Avatar Pandora Disney World

“I work in dreams a lot. A lot of visual ideas — like the whole bioluminescent forest … that came right from a dream when I was 17 years old,” added the Oscar-winning director. “I got up and sketched it out… I’ve been working on this for a long time.”

Another cool trick to the theme park’s new land: The plants glow at night. And there are two “experiences” (a.k.a. rides) you can board: “You can soar on the back of a mountain banshee,” Goldberg described, adding, “or you can travel on the Navi River Journey.”

Pandora: The World of Avatar opens at Disney World in Florida on May 27.

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