First ‘Outsiders’ Season 2 Teaser Promises Battle on Shay Mountain (Video)

WGN America series set to return in January

The first “Outsiders” Season 2 teaser has arrived and things are not looking any more peaceful up on Shay Mountain.

The 30-second spot sweeps across the ground of the Farrell family’s home, and we see bullet casings and a knife strewn about.

Then, a cell phone lying on the ground starts to ring with the name Haylie Grimes appearing on the caller ID. As its owner weakly reaches for it, we see a man’s legs enter the shot and forcefully put his boot down. So sorry, fans, but no signs of Sasil, Little Foster, G’win or Asa just yet.

The series follows the lives of the Farrells, who live atop Shay Mountain in rural Kentucky. But when a coal company, represented in the series by Grimes, wants to strip-mine their home, internal divisions arise as they must decide whether to seek a peaceful or violent solution with the outside world.

The series stars Joe Anderson, Gillian Alexy, Ryan Hurst, Kyle Gallner, Christina Jackson, Thomas M. Wright and David Morse.

Playwright Peter Mattei wrote and created the series in addition to executive producing. Fedora Entertainment’s Emmy Award winner Peter Tolan, Oscar-nominated actor Paul Giamatti, Dan Carey for Touchy Feely Films and Fedora’s Michael Wimer also serve as executive producers.

The 13-episode “Outsiders” Season 2 will return to WGN America in January.

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