First Photo of San Bernardino Shooter Tashfeen Malik Emerges

Deadly rampage left 14 dead and 21 wounded

As authorities continue to piece together the circumstances leading up to Wednesday’s deadly shooting in San Bernardino, California, ABC News has unearthed a photo of Tashfeen Malik, the female suspect in the shooting.

Malik was killed in a shootout with police hours after the massacre at Inland Regional Center, along with fellow suspect Syed Farook, to whom she was married.

On Friday, authorities announced that they were treating the attack, which occurred at an event held by San Bernardino County Health Department, for which Farook worked, as an act of terrorism.

The shooting killed 14 and left 21 wounded.

“A number of pieces of evidence … have essentially pushed us off the cliff to say that we are now investigating this as an act of terrorism,” David Bowdich of the FBI said.

Asked whether the shootings were connected to ISIS, Bowdich said, “I think you’re taking a leap; we’re not there.”