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First ‘Search Party’ Trailer: ‘Silicon Valley’ Stars TJ Miller, Thomas Middleditch Fight for Their Lives in Mexico (Video)

Cocaine will be snorted, kidneys will be stolen, and donkeys will be captured

The co-writer of “Road Trip” is about to take audiences on a rescue mission to Mexico in the first trailer for “Search Party,” which stars “Silicon Valley” buddies T.J. Miller and Thomas Middleditch, along with Adam Pally as three best friends doing dumb things to make us all laugh.

Based on the first trailer, along with director Scot Armstrong’s track record (“Semi-Pro,” “Old School”), “Search Party” should do just that.

The comedy is follows Miller and Pally on a trip to Mexico, where BFF Middleditch has been stranded naked and afraid after traveling to a resort to try to make amends with a woman who left him at the alter. Like all movies that take place south of the border, the boys somehow get tangled up with a drug cartel, and are pursued by a bad guy intent on killing them.

J.B. Smoove, Krysten Ritter, Alison Brie and “The League” star Jason Mantzoukas will all make appearances in what promises to be a wild directorial debut from Armstrong, hitting theaters sometime next year.

Watch the video.