Fishbowl Media, Revision 3 Partner for YouTube Series ‘CuteWinFail’

San Francisco-based Internet TV network Revision3 will distribute “CuteWinFail,” the first digital series from Fishbowl, the company behind “America’s Funniest Home Videos”

Fishbowl Worldwide Media and Revision3 announced a new partnership on Wednesday, joining Fishbowl’s online videos with Revision’s distribution and advertising networks.

Revision, a San Francisco-based Internet TV network with more than 23 million viewers a month, will distribute “CuteWinFail,” Fishbowl’s first digital series.

“CuteWinFail” is now entering its fourth season and has logged more than 90 million views on YouTube since it launched.

Here's a recent episode (post continues after):

Revision both produces and distributes content, but in this case it will focus on distribution and advertising. The studio, founded by Kevin Rose, Jay Adelson and David Prager, will be the exclusive advertising sales partner.

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“Revision3’s partnership with FishBowl continues to help us expand programming for our global network, as well as bring the incredible 'CuteWinFail' series to new audiences,” Ryan Vance, Vice President of Programming and Production at Revision3, said in a statement. “We look forward to offering our advertising partners engaging and creative ways to connect with audiences through FishBowl’s premium quality channel.”

FishBowl, founded by Vin Bi Dona and Bruce Gersh, sits on a massive library of user-generated content from “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” which it uses to produce new video content for the web.

“CuteWinFail” takes three UGC videos and asks users to vote on which one is cute, which one wins and which one fails.

FishBowl recently launched a new pets-centric YouTube channel called “Petsami.”