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Fishbowl Worldwide Media Launches Pets-Centric YouTube Channel

Six new shows and three more to come

FishBowl Worldwide Media has launched a YouTube channel of the pets, for the pets and by the pets using its library of clips from “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

“Petsami,” the latest offering from Vin DiBona and Bruce Gersh’s “next generation studio,” features six new shows all about pets and hosted by pets. The lineup includes a weekly newsmagazine and a program dedicated to funny cat clips. Three more shows are on the way.

Gersh and DiBona founded Fishbowl knowing they had a wealth of user-generated content from the “America’s Funniest Home Videos” library. Given the types of videos submitted for the hit TV show, Fishbowl has the library to create playlists for any animal one could want.

“Obviously on YouTube and in the production space there are many successful companies producing web content and TV content, but I don’t think they are doing it with the know-how and expertise we have in the UGC space,” Gersh said.

The shows will mix new content filmed for the shows with the clips they already have, and David Beebe, Vice President and General Manager of Fishbowl’s digital studio, said they have already finished 12 episodes of each show.

There will also be a distinct social aspect of every show.

For “CuteWinTail,” which presents three clips of animals, audiences can pick which was the most “epic.” For “KlipKat,” users can submit captions to funny cat clips.

Beebe said all the characters will have their own social media accounts, tweet during the programming and answer questions “just like you’d have with any actor.”

Want to take a peek? Click here.