Flynt Family Sex Scandal Shakes Hustler Empire!

Former employee claims he received unwanted advances — from Larry’s daughter

Stop the presses! Someone has filed a sexual harassment claim against a member of the Flynt family — and it isn't Larry!

In papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, former Hustler West Coast District Manager Steven Prescott claims that he was harassed by the Hustler publisher's daughter Theresa Flynt, who works for Hustler's retail arm.

According to Prescott, Flynt made unwanted sexual advances toward him, including a late-night text message reading, "I want you…Now." The suit also claims that Flynt "often and repeatedly touched Mr. Prescott inappropriately in a sexual manner."

The suit claims that, when Prescott objected to the advances he was subjected to an increasingly hostile work environment.

Prescott claims that he brought the matter up to Hustler's human-resources department, but was told that the results of their investigation were "inconclusive."

Prescott is seeking unspecified damages.