Foo Fighters to Broadcast Gig Live – and in 3D – in Multiplexes Tuesday

Cinedigm Digital Cinema, run by Overture Films founder and former CEO Chris McGurk, is producing and distributing the gig

The Foo Fighters will become one of the first bands ever to play a live, 3D show broadcast to movie theaters all over the country when it takes the stage in a studio in the San Fernando Valley Tuesday.

Cinedigm Digital Cinema, run by former Overture Films founder and CEO Chris McGurk, is producing and distributing what it calls the "first ever, live 3D widely released music performance."

The performance comes one week before the band releases its new album, "Wasting Light." The band will play the entire album.

Before the live show, audiences will see the documentary "Foo Fighters: Back and Forth," produced and directed by Oscar and Emmy winner James Moll.

McGurk told TheWrap that the movie and concert will appear on 120 screens at 82 movie theaters in 30 states.

While McGurk said he is excited about the concert, he told TheWrap that the event demonstrates — especially at a time when exhibitor-studio relations are particularly low — the potential of nontraditional programming.

"It's an example of the great types of new and innovative content that they can put in their theaters — particularly during the weekdays, when the average audience is less than 5 percent of the seats," he said. "When you put ocntent in there like this concert or a sporting event or others, we found you can fill up the theater on a Tuesday or Wednesday night, and that's pretty exciting for exhibitors."

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