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Food Network Hits the Jersey Shore for ‘Tough Cookies’

Summer reality series will chronicle the hectic goings-on of a family-run bakery in Ocean City, N.J.

Apparently, not even the Food Network is able to resist the all-powerful lure of all things Jersey these days.

The network announced on Thursday that it's launching a new reality series, "Tough Cookies," which will chronicle the hijinks that ensue at Ocean City, N.J., bakery Crazy Susan's Cookie Company. The series will follow sisters Susan Adair and Linda Brand (pictured) as they attempt to wrangle the bakery's staff — consisting primarily of family members — while running a popular business and coming up with bold new recipes. (The premiere episode features Adair creating a banana-split cookie, with her brothers developing a competing variation on the recipe and selling it around town.)

One can only hope that they'll develop a Snooki Cookie in honor of the woman who launched the whole Jersey Shore craze — that is, if anyone is interested in a dessert that tastes like spray tanner, Long Island Iced Teas and a desperate need for attention.

"Tough Cookies" premieres on July 11 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, and will run on Mondays throughout the summer.

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